Rome Transport Tickets

To move around Rome on Metro and Public Transport are available some different kind of tickets, due to your needs.

  • One way ticket – valid for 100 minutes after first use. It’s possibile to get every public transport and metro lines A,B,B1 and C for 100 minutes Price: 1.50 €.
  • Daily Pass – Rome Travel Card available for 24h or 72h includes free unlimited access to every public transport and metro in Rome Area. Includes also benefit for top attractions and is available combined to the airport shuttle  BUY NOW >>
  • Carnet 2/3/5/10 single tickets – Validity: 100 minutes each after first use. Price: from 3 to 15 €
  • Weekly Pass – Validity: 7 days after first use with unlimited number of trips within Rome area.  Price: 24.00 €


  • Children under 10 years , travel for free
  • Tickets are personal and not transferable
  • Tickets must to be validated both at the entry and the exit